Works energetically to balance the energy (Qi) within the body. The insertion of needles brings the energy flow back into proper balance, increases blood flow, and releases natural pain killers. 

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  Dr. Shannon McKee places glass cups that have been heated on the skin, which creates a vacuum. The purpose is to promote circulation, alleviate pain, remove muscle adhesions, and pull out lingering toxins. Cupping can be used for sore muscles, colds/flu, and respiratory diseases.  

What We Treat:


-Chronic/Acute Pain


-Gastrointestinal Disorders








-Menstrual Cramps


-Sciatic Pain

-Chronic Fatigue

-High Blood Pressure

and much more!

1510 S. State Rd. Suite C

Davison, MI 48423

Dr. Shannon McKee, DC, Dipl.Ac., RAc

Chiropractor & Acupuncturist

Dr. Nathanial McKee, DC, CCSP®


Tel: (810) 223-2439

Fax: (810) 616-5900

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