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Patient-Centered, Comprehensive, Quality Care


"I have spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and am fused in both the cervical and lower lumbar regions. After much research and becoming a patient, I am confident that I have found chiropractors that will not only be able to appropriately treat me, but can help “heal from the inside out” with what their practice has to offer their patients."

-N. R.

"The Key to Your

Health & Wellness"

1510 S. State Rd., Suite C

Davison, MI 48423

The Doctors at McKee Chiropractic Unlimited

Drs. Nate and Shannon McKee are fully dedicated to serve the Davison community and the greater Genesee County.  At McKee Chiropractic Unlimited patients will have the opportunity to meet and be cared for by both doctors. Drs. Nate and Shannon bring together a mix of both Eastern and Western medicine with their training in chiropractic and Shannon's training in acupuncture. This combination allows patients to receive the quality of healthcare they need and deserve! 

Office Hours

Monday: 7am-7pm

Tuesday: 7am-7pm

Wednesday: 7am-7pm

Thursday: 7am-7pm

Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

By appointment only, with same day appointments possible. 

New Patients

McKee Chiropractic Unlimited is dedicated to your health and we want to get to know you! During the first visit patients will be seen by Dr. Nate and/or Dr. Shannon McKee. They will utilize their expertise to get to know you and determine the cause of your health concern(s) and do their best to help you function at your best! Patients can expect to have a Comprehensive Medical History, a thorough Physical Exam, Review of Findings, and Treatment


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1510 S. State Rd, Suite C

Davison, MI 48423

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